Things To Be Happy About // 10

Sunday, December 9, 2018

Because there's always something to be happy about. Read more here.

SUNDAYRahul telling me my own advice – you don't have to earn your meals; the most important thing is to take care of yourself – so I feel more comfortable being sad and doing nothing on a Sunday instead of feeling guilty for it.

MONDAY. A friend going out of her way to check in on me to see if I'm OK. Feeling cared for. Feeling seen. Getting an advent calendar for the first time, the perfect excuse to eat a bit of chocolate every day.

TUESDAY. Finding hot chocolate M&Ms and bringing them to work because we always have to try all of the flavors. They're good. Getting my teddy bear coat in the mail. It looks silly but it's ridiculously warm.

WEDNESDAY. Having a wrench thrown into my plan for the night but taking it in stride. A long at-home yoga session with a gingerbread candle burning. Starting "The Sinner" on Netflix and getting hooked after episode one.

THURSDAY. A holiday party at work. Grabbing a peppermint mocha on the drive in because it feels fitting, festive. Seeing everyone dressed in red or green, singing Christmas carols. 

FRIDAY. Day One of my family's Christmas baking weekend. Coming home and trimming my hair. Four months ago I went to a salon for the first time in ten years and here I was cutting my hair in my own bathroom again. Still feels good.

SATURDAY. Baking Day Two. Singing the The Drifters version of "White Christmas." I-I-I-I'm dreaming of a whiiiiite Chriiisstmaaaaas. All of us wearing shirts that say "Holiday Baking Squad." A friend sent me a link to them last year saying she saw them and thought of me. I bought five immediately.

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