Catching Up After A Month Off Blogging | Sunday Shares

Sunday, March 10, 2019

Hello, friends! Wow, it feels weird to be writing on here. I haven't even opened Blogger in about a month.

I wasn't sure if I wanted my first post back to be explaining why I took a break or just jumping right back into it. I'm settling for a little bit of both, because while I'd love to explain, there isn't much to say. Essentially, I succumbed to the February blues.

In January, I was so pumped, and then I kinda hit a brick wall.

Part of it is because I was working a lot. As you probably know, I work a full-time 8-to-5 job. January and February had a lot of long days, which is part of the reason I wasn't posting. After working 12 hours, I was too exhausted to write anything and didn't want to look at a computer screen anymore anyway.

I stopped blogging, couldn't get up in the mornings to do my usual yoga, didn't feel like I had the energy to do anything on the weekends but then was annoyed with myself when I didn't do anything all weekend. Overall, I just didn't feel like myself. I can't explain it much beyond that.

I went one Sunday without posting. Then two. Then I decided I might as well take all of February off; I'd come back in March. Then the first Sunday of March snuck up on me, came and went, and now here we are, March 10, I'm back and it feels like it's for real this time.

As always, during my month-long hiatus, there's been a lot of learning and growing happening.

I'm finding a balance between inspiration and discouragement online. I'm very intentional about who and what I follow online to ensure my feed is filled with people and messages that make me happy. If I spend too much time online, though, I end up comparing my life to a stranger's and suddenly I'm unsatisfied. So I've really been trying to pay attention to my screen time and limit my mindless scrolling to designated times throughout the day– in the morning, during my lunch break, and a little bit in the evening before bed. I still see everything but I'm not picking up my phone every 15 minutes to see what's new (it's usually nothing).

I'm trying to eat sweets every other day. I'll never rule anything out of my diet completely because I very strongly believe that the key is everything in moderation. Plus, let's be honest, I don't have the discipline to rule something out completely anyway. However, I don't think it's great that I automatically crave chocolate every time I finish a meal. Now, when I'm trying to resist eating one of the chocolate caramel candy bars that are in my desk drawer at work, I can at least think, "I had candy yesterday and I can have some tomorrow." I don't have to wait until the weekend or the end of the month; just until tomorrow.

Getting things done is nice, but being happy while doing it is nicer. I was running myself into the ground trying to accomplish every single thing on my too-long to-do lists and then feeling like shit about myself when I couldn't do it. I had posted to my Instagram story asking for advice on how to be more productive, and most of the responses were actually people reminding me that it's okay to not be productive all the time. It was unexpected yet exactly what I needed. I know how to be productive. I know how to plan out my to-do list and get things done. The problem was that I was overloading myself. My mom gave me the best reminder that I'm keeping in mind: "Productivity is overrated. Happiness and satisfaction should be higher on the list."

You get what you goddamn settle for. It feels even better when you throw a curse in there, right? The quote is originally from "Thelma and Louise," which I discovered thanks to my daily tear-off calendar of quotes that sits on my desk at work. It's become my new mantra. More on this later.

I'm going to think of my blog like a newsletter. I've been sitting here feeling like I have nothing worth writing about but I have thoughts every day that would be suitable to post here. If I start thinking about these less like full blog posts and more like weekly newsletters, maybe I'll feel more comfortable and confident posting regularly again.

Here are some things I've been loving recently:

Words of Women newsletter

How have I not talked about this newsletter before? It pops into my in inbox once a week, "packed full of science, psychology and personal stories."

I really loved a recent one about letting your mind wander to the worst possible outcome of your situation, giving in to whatever you're anxious or worried about, picturing the worst, but then thinking... why can't you survive that? Each newsletter contains thought-provoking musings that I look forward to every week.

Kopari deodorant

Natural deodorant is the new thing now, because antiperspirants contain aluminum, which I guess isn't a great thing to be using. I'd heard a lot about Kopari and figured I'd try it out. My immediate impression was that man, it goes on smooth. It has cute packaging, and the stick doesn't flake off like you sometimes see with antiperspirants from Dove or Secret. I haven't had any problems so I'll probably keep using this.

Also, one weird thing I discovered is that I actually sweat less wearing deodorant instead of antiperspirant? Explain how that makes sense.

"Three Identical Strangers"

This documentary on Hulu is one of the wildest stories you'll hear. It's about triplet brothers who were separated at birth and accidentally find each other when they're 19 years old. There's more to the story beyond that and it's so crazy that I can't believe it's real.

NiceEbag Travel Makeup Bag

I ordered this three different times because I kept accidentally buying the wrong one and I wanted the bag enough that I was willing to return my wrong orders and re-purchase.

The bag I got is only 20 dollars on Amazon and it's great for two reasons. First, it's sturdy. Most makeup bags are made of softer material, but you could knock this one around and nothing's getting broken. Second, it comes with adjustable dividers, so you can customize the inside to have however many sections you want at whatever size you want. It's perfect for travel. I can't wait to use it next month when I fly to Arizona for a wedding and will need to bring actual makeup, instead of just a few things to get by.

Milani blush

I was looking for drugstore blushes that were well pigmented. My winter paleness is getting out of hand and I definitely need to add some color to my face in the mornings. I was drawn to Milani because of a few of their blushes that are designed to look like roses. The color shows up really well and blends well too.

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