Things To Be Happy About // 11

Sunday, April 14, 2019

Because there's always something to be happy about. Read more here.

SUNDAYFinishing a book in the bathtub. A new pair of silk pajamas. Rahul coming home from a trip, kissing me hello at 2 in the morning.

MONDAY. Compliments on my new haircut. Sorting through my email inbox, getting everything read and filed away.

TUESDAY. A long workout. A family dinner. Portillo's chocolate cake for 56 cents.

WEDNESDAY. A beautiful sunrise. Reading 100 pages in a day. Rest.

THURSDAY. A new cozy scarf. Scaling up my weights again. My new KeepCup arriving in the mail.

FRIDAY. A good playlist during the drive to work. Having a pretty terrible day but still ending it laughing with coworkers.

SATURDAY. Sleeping in. Waking up in the sunlight. Heading off to Arizona to see a friend from college get married (!!).

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